AZ Central Editorial Board: “Our View: Prop. 206 sounds good but has heavy costs”

According to a new editorial from the AZ Central Editorial Board, Prop 206 will likely hurt those it is intended to help.

The proposal would raise mandatory wages from $8.05 an hour to $12 an hour by 2020, nearly a 50-percent increase.

That means an employer would need to pay $8,200 more a year for each minimum-wage employee working a 40-hour week. Multiply that by the number of minimum-wage workers, add increased wages of next-level-up workers, and one can begin to see the burden this mandate would have on businesses.

Especially small businesses, which won’t be as capable of absorbing such a hit. The same small businesses (those with 50 or fewer employees) that make up a majority of employers in this state.

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