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Firm that found signatures for Arizona wage hike sues over non payment

The private firm that collected signatures to put Proposition 206 on the November ballot is claiming it did not get fully paid. But Bill Scheel, the campaign’s manager, said if anyone breached the contract, it was the signature-gathering firm. He said the contract required it to produce sufficient valid signatures to put the issue on…

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Arizona Chamber Launches Effort To Kill Proposition 206

The effort to kill Proposition 206, a ballot measure that would raise Arizona’s minimum wage is now in full swing. Opponents are preparing a million-dollar ad blitz against the initiative which would raise the state’s lowest wages by nearly 50 percent.

Chamber launches campaign against minimum-wage proposition

Glenn Hamer, president of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, acknowledged Monday it will take a “seven-digit” investment to convince voters to reject the proposal, which would increase the state’s minimum wage immediately to $10 an hour and by 2020 to $12 an hour. The same measure would require businesses to provide at least…

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Arizona Chamber vows to fight minimum wage proposition in wake of high court ruling

Glenn Hamer, CEO and president of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the chamber will work to defeat Proposition 206 now that the Arizona Supreme Court has decided the initiative to increase the minimum wage in the state and mandate specific amounts of paid time off for workers will appear on the November…

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Arizona minimum wage initiative will be on the November ballot

Another measure Arizona voters will see on the ballot in November is the Fair Wages and Healthy Families initiative. Voters will decide whether to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour by the year 2020. The measure has sparked a heated debate between supporters who say it’s about time the minimum wage is raised…

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